Rules Changes For 305 Sprints and Dirt Trucks Announced

By Brian Liskai: (Attica, OH) In an effort to try and contain and control the cost of racing and keep the competition equal and fair to all participants in the 305 sprint and dirt truck divisions, Fremont Speedway and Attica Raceway Park have teamed up to implement a few rule changes for the 2008 season, so if you need to adhere to these new rule changes, you may want to have a look at used cars such as this ford centurion for sale as well as many other vehicles, to use for either driving or as spare car parts for modification. Those who are interested in getting a new or used trucks will try their best to do as much as research as they can to find the perfect truck for them no matter what the use, if you’re looking for a used truck in Wichita, KS or somewhere more local, you might want to visit a dealership similar to a Conklin dealership to find what you need.

The rules for the 410 sprints at both Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway for 2008 will follow those established by the O’Reilly All Star Circuit of Champions and World of Outlaws. Farmer said the only major difference is a one-inch wicker bill will be allowed on the top wings.

In the 305 sprint division, the major changes to past rules include:

– The only titanium that is allowed is the lower shaft in the rear end.

– Front spindles may be steel or aluminum.

– The Callies’ Compstar Crank is allowed and this can also be used as it comes out of the box – no lightening other than balancing. The scat crank will not be allowed after 2008.

– Cylinder heads must be stock GM 305 cast iron or Brodix Spec aluminum only. No porting or polishing. The intake and exhaust ports may be matched for the first quarter inch only. No new style center bolt valve cover heads permitted. All legal heads will be a “U” shaped marking on the front or rear and inside value covers area for verification. This mark is cast onto the surface and must be visible to be legal. Do not disturb the stock combustion chamber.

Brodix spec head requirements are: P/N: SP ST (bare) or SP ST PKG (complete). Both P/N’s are the same casting (casting marks and stampings). Head must remain as cast. No porting or polishing of any kind in the intake or exhaust ports, under or behind the valves. No port matching. Do not disturb the combustion chamber. Brodix stamps must be seen. Valve size must remain as cast. Flat milling for clean up only. Must pass an 11:1 compression ratio.

All Pro spec head requirements are: To be 305 spec All Pro Head must remain as cast. The same rules apply as those of the Brodix head. All Pro heads will have marks in the ports similar to the Brodix. These heads must also pass the whistler at 11:1 ration.

– Only stock diameter (0.842 inch) flat tappet or hydraulic lifters may be used.

– Only one nozzle per cylinder.

– Schoenfeld Muffler 112535 required. No down-turned elbows.

– Track officials will have the right to check engines at any time and will have the final say in determining the eligibility of any engine. Any illegal engine parts will be confiscated until the end of the season.

– Right rear spec tire is the Hoosier – 105/8-15 SC12, SC15 and SC25.

– Wing rules will be similar to those used in 2007 with the following exceptions: Maximum 1-inch wicker bill. Triangular side panels on roll cage allowed. Must be within roll cage template. No body panel turn-outs allowed.

– All safety rules will be the same as those incorporated in 2007 with the following change: Belts cannot be over three years old.

In the dirt truck division, the following rule changes will be incorporated in 2008 at both Fremont Speedway and Attica Raceway Park:

– Bumpers must be no lower than 12 inches and no higher than 16 inches to the bottom. The top of the bumper may not be any higher than 2 inches from bottom of tailgate.

– Badly damaged trucks will have to be repaired. Any sharp edges must be repaired or made smooth.

– Spoiler blade will be a maximum of 8 inches. Spoiler blade must be flat.
Maximum of 1 inch high wicker bill. Spoiler may not extend past sides of the bed. Spoiler sideboards no larger than 100-square inches. Only 3 supports will be allowed.

– Frame rails must remain stock from front to rear.

– Lower engine is allowed may not remove the lower portion of factory cross member. Frame must be plated in if there is material removed.

– Notching frame to lower seat okay…must remain factory frame bottom and lower 2 inches of the side. Frame must have square tubing put in this area to support frame.

– Rear leaf springs must remain in stock locations. Using factory front mount. No rear coils.

– Rear leaf springs must retain stock main leaf. Other leafs may be added or subtracted to maintain proper spring rates. Rear sliders or shackles allowed. Shackles must be mounted in factory location.

– Rear springs will be measured from center of rear bolt hole to center bolt and from center of front bolt hole to the center bolt. Must be factory measurement for type of truck.

– If rear sliders are used they may be placed within six inches of factory spring mount.

– Rear spring cannot mount any higher than the bottom of the frame.

– Upper A-frames may be tubular. Upper A-frames may be notched for weight jack bolts and may run parallel to frame. Upper A-frames must have a connected rear cross shaft.

– Lower A-frames must be factory and may have a maximum extension of 2-inches. Extension must straight out. Lower A-frame must be mounted infactory mount.

– Steering – Aluminum tie rods okay. Steering quickner may be used.

– Rear-end – No four link or Z link type.

-Wheels and tires – Any brand 8 inch racing tire allowed. NO STREET OR
HIGHWAY TIRES ALLOWED. Wheels and tires must pass tire gauge.

– Engine rule changes – Only one Holley 4412 – 2 barrel carburetor allowed. Must pass Holley No-Go gage. Choke plate must be removed. No Dominator or Predator style. No Webers.

– Changes in engine claim procedure – Must have competed in the last 3 races or 51% of the season to claim an engine.

– Radiator and fan changes – No oil coolers allowed in driver’s compartment.

– Safety changes- Belts cannot be over 3 years old; battery cannot be located in driver’s compartment. Battery must be on the side of frame rails.

– Any illegal pars may be confiscated for the season. Rules may be added or changed as needed to better the division.

A complete set of rules for both the 305 sprints and dirt trucks can soon be found on Attica Raceway Park’s web site at

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