410 Sprints

Pl.DriverRacesTotal Pts.Pts. Back
1Cole Macedo182261
2DJ Foos18222932
3Travis Philo18220556
4Trey Jacobs18216992
5Stuart Brubaker182090171
6Chris Andrews1818763855
7Kyle Capodice161712549
8Jordan Ryan151671590
9Byron Reed141604657
10John Ivy151581680
11Skyler Gee141563698
12Caleb Griffith141561700
13Tyler Gunn131533728
14Ricky Peterson141522739
15TJ Michael141511750
16Craig Mintz131453808
17Zeth Sabo131429832
18Brian Smith131373888
19Darin Naida121288973
20Duane Zablocki1212501011

Late Models

PlaceDriverRacesTotal PointsPoints Back
1.Devin Shiels131832
2.Ryan Markham13178349
3.Ken Hahn131701131
4.Larry Bellman131701131
5.Mike Bores131655177
6.Justin Chance121564268
7.Chester Fitch131555277
8.Doug Baird131547285
9.Austin Gibson131467365
10.Colin Shipley111455377
11.Rusty Schlenk101362470
12.Nate Potts121360472
13.Jeff Warnick111343489
14.Steve Sabo111247585
15.BJ Gregory91163669
16.Drew Smith91099733
17.Ryan Missler81066766
18.Casey Noonan81052780
19.Jim Gingery77971035
20.Kent Brewer55591273

305 Sprints

PlaceDriverRacesTotal PointsPoints Back
1.Paul Weaver152165
2.Jamie Miller15211154
3.Matt Foos152040125
4.Kasey Jedrzejek152026139
5.Kody Brewer151961204
6.Mike Keegan151945220
7.Brandon Moore151935230
8.Logan Riehl151906259
9.Jimmy McGrath Jr.151981274
10.Steve Rando151857308
11.Kelsey Ivy151785380
12.Creed Kemenah151777388
13.Logan Mongeau151611554
14.Jud Dickerson151515650
15.Brandon Riehl131513652
16.Brenden Torok141504661
17.Haldon Miller151445720
18.Austin Black141392773
19.Zack Miller141360805
20.Tyler Schiets131329836


PlaceDriverRacesTotal PointsPoints Back
1.Devin Shiels6271
2.Colin Shipley624328
3.Drew Smith621160
4.Casey Noonan519972
5.Rusty Schlenk518872
6.BJ Gregory517695
7.Mike Bores5163108
8.Ryan Markham4160111
9.Justin Chance4153118
10.Larry Bellman4140131
11.Ken Hahn4139132
12.Ryan Missler3124147
13.Chester Fitch4123148
14.Doug Baird4111160
15.Jeff Warnick3102169
16.Hillard Miller394177
17.Steve Sabo392179
18.Nate Potts389182
19.Dusty Moore287184
20.Austin Gibson382189

Points System

2023 Attica Raceway Park Points Fund


Position 410 Sprints Late Models 305 Sprints
1 $8,000 $5,000 $3,000
2 $3,000 $2,200 $2,000
3 $2,000 $1,800 $1,000
4 $1,700 $1,500 $800
5 $1,500 $1,000 $700
6 $1,400 $900 $600
7 $1,200 $800 $550
8 $1,100 $700 $500
9 $1,100 $600 $450
10 $1,100 $500 $400
Total $22,000 $15,000 $10,000

2022 Points Fund for Attica/Oakshade Late Model Series


Position Late Model
1 $
2 $
3 $
4 $


Points System

Points for all divisions will be awarded based on the following formula.

Special sanctioned events are 95 show-up points only.

The following events are for just show-up points: (410 Sprint Cars) All Star Circuit of Champions & World of Outlaws Sprint Series

Driver will receive 75 points, twice during the season for a night that they do not race, providing they do not race at another track on the same night. (410 Sprints – may only use one mulligan for an All Star Circuit of Champions/ World of Outlaws Sprint Series event.)

If you take the green for the A-Main, find your finish in the table below.

Finish Points
1 150
2 145
3 143
4 141
5 139
6 137
7 135
8 133
9 131
10 129
11 127
12 125
13 123
14 121
15 119
16 117
17 115
18 113
19 111
20 109

If more than 20 cars start the A-Main, points will be given:
21st – 107

22nd – 105

23rd – 103

All cars that take a green in hot laps, heats or mains that do not make the feature will receive 95 points.

The A-Main winner will receive 150 points.

A car that starts the B-Main or a Heat, but does not transfer to the A-Main will receive 95 points.

A car that transfers directly from the heat to the feature but is unable to take the green in the feature will receive 95 points.

A car that draws a pill, and is working on the car to try to get it running but can’t take a green for any race will still get 95 points.

A car draws a pill and never appears to try to fire the motor, never hot laps or takes a green in any event and never speaks to the pit steward about issues with the car, will not receive any points.

1) Most feature wins
2) Most second place finishes
3) Most third place finishes, etc.

1) Race in at least 6 events
2) Finish in the top 20 in points


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