2nd Annual Attica Summer Nationals Heats Up

By Brian Liskai: Attica, Ohio (Monday, Aug. 14, 2006) – The summer heats up this weekend as Attica Raceway Park plays host to the 2nd Annual Attica Summer Nationals, Friday and Saturday, Aug. 18 and 19.

Quality Welding Night opens the weekend racing with the fire-breathing 410 winged sprints, exciting 305 sprints and the super late models of the American Late Model Series on the racing card on Friday, Aug. 18. Gates will open at 5 p.m. with racing slated to begin at 8 p.m.

Saturday’s show features all winged sprint cars on Kear’s Speed Shop’s Open-Wheel Onslaught. The 410 sprints will share the card with the 360 sprints of the NRA Sprint Invaders and the 305 sprints. Gates will open at 4:30 p.m. with racing to get underway at 7:30 p.m.

Last year, Fremont’s Mike Linder swept both nights of the Attica Summer Nationals in the 410 sprints. On Friday night, Ryan Lowe won the 305 sprint feature with current ARP Promoter John Bores taking the limited late model victory. On Saturday night, joining Linder in victory lane were Millersburg’s Keith Berner in the ALMS late models and Risingson’s Mike Dussell in the NRA 360 sprints to clinch the series title.
For more information call the track office at 419-426-8911 or log onto www.atticaracewaypark.com

8.4.06 Results

Kelly Kinser dominates Attica sprints

By Brian Liskai: Attica, Ohio (Friday, Aug. 4, 2006) – Kelly Kinser made the right adjustments to his sprint car as he dominated the 410 feature at Attica Raceway Park on Burns Electric Night Presents Family Fun Night.

Scott Kraylek waited to show his hand until the last lap as he took the lead from Kevin Lee and went on to take the big payout in the 305 sprints,claiming the $1,500 top prize in the 305 Engine Builders Challenge. It was Kraylek’s second win in as many weeks at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” venue.

Defending and four-time Attica track champion Larry Kingseed doubled up in the limited late models, winning the make-up feature from July 21 and then the regular night’s feature event. It marked Kingseed’s fourth and fifth feature wins of the season at ARP.

Bellevue’s Cory Ward led all 15 laps of the dirt truck main to claim his first career feature win.

“I had forgotten they run a Goodyear spec tire here on their weekly shows…I thought I might be in trouble,” said Kinser beside his Crone Lumber/Kinser Timber sponsored #4k. “We just keep adjusting on her all night and she responded.”

“I cried and cried to my engine builder (O’Flaherty Engines) this past week. We just didn’t have the horsepower some of these other guys had…my engine was tired. He freshened it up for me this week and it made a world of difference,” said Kraylek beside his Lincoln Mortgage Beckensun Trucking sponsored #21. “I made up my mind on that last restart I was going up top, but I didn’t want to show my hand too soon…but when I saw the white I knew I had to get up there and run’er wide open.”

“We put a freshened this old cast-ironed Smith Automotive engine last night and it paid off,” said Kingseed beside his Strawberry Hill/John M. Allen Company sponsored #21. “I have to thank my wife and kids for all they sacrifice so I can do this and my crew for working so hard.”

“This is awesome…to finally get a win in this tough division. I have to thank my dad (Jim)….he started racing this truck while I was in the other one and when I had trouble, he stepped out and let me in his truck and here we are,” said Ward on his first career victory beside his Budweiser/Excuses Lounge sponsored #18w.

In the 410 sprint 30-lap main, it was pole-sitter Craig Mintz who jumped into the lead, with outside front row starter Kinser tucking right in on his bumper. Kinser would utilize his familiar bottom groove to drive under Mintz and into the lead a circuit later, with Todd Kane and Mike Linder in tow. Kane would move around Mintz into the runner-up slot on lap five, but Mintz would return the favor five laps later.

At the halfway mark, Bloomington, Indiana’s Kinser had checked out, but the action for second through sixth was exciting, as Mintz, Linder, Kane, Bryan Scott, Phil Gressman and Lee Jacobs swapping those positions at nearly every lap.

Kinser would score his fifth career ARP victory in the non-stop event, with Mintz settling for second, Linder third, and Scott and Jacobs rounding out the top five.

In the 305 Engine Builders’ Challenge (O’Flaherty Engines, Hampshire Engines, Gressman Powersports, Griff’s Engines and Levell Performance), Tiffin’s Coty Runion jumped into the early lead and looked strong through the early going, with Mark Whaley, Mark Pridemore and Kevin Lee in tow. The first caution would fly on lap 12 with the running order Runion, Lee, Kraylek (up from sixth starting spot), Whaley, Brad Bowman, Dustin Keegan, Andy Shammo and Paul Weaver. On the restart, Runion could not shake Lee, who executed the perfect slide job in turn four to take the top spot on lap 15.

The caution would fly again on lap 16 with the running order Lee, Runion, Kraylek, Shammo and Weaver. When the green flew again, Weaver went to the high side to move into fourth and was challenging for third when he spun in turn four on lap 18. Lee would continue to lead, with Kraylek moving into second, followed by Runion, Shammo and Bryan Sebetto.

The running order would remain that way until the white flag flew. Kraylek would move to the rim of the track and drive around Lee to take the lead and the win, the 9th of his career at ARP, moving him into a tie for ninth on the 305 all-time win list. Behind Kraylek would be Lee, Shammo, Runion and Sebetto.

In the make-up limited late model feature, it became a survival of the fittest, as only 9 of the starting 20 finished the 20 laps which took 50 minutes to get in due to several crashes.

Bellevue’s Ryan Missler would jump into the early lead as Bill Hahn and Kingseed battled for second. Kingseed would dispose of Hahn by lap 7 and drive under Missler on lap 9 for the lead.

Kingseed would survive a couple of yellows and two reds to pick up the win, with Mike Bores, Missler, Jeff McCoy (up from 19th in Mike Marteneny’s #45) and Hahn rounding out the top five.

In the regular portion of the program, Bores would lead the first lap with Hahn, Kingseed and Tim Sabo battling behind his rear bumper. Kingseed would move around Hahn on the second lap and drive under Bores for the lead on lap three. He would survive two yellows to claim the win, his 21st career victory at ARP.

Behind Kingseed at the checkered were John Mayes Sr., Missler, Hahn and Sabo.

Pole-sitter Ward would jump into the lead of the dirt truck 15-lap feature, but he couldn’t shake Paul Dymond or last week’s winner Art Ball who hounded him until lap 12 when Dymond would spin. Ward would hold off several challenges from Ball over the last three laps for the win. Brian Arnold, Bob Dible and Ron Kepling would round out the top five.

Attica Raceway Park will be off Aug. 11 for the Attica Independent Fair. Racing will resume with the Second Annual Attica Summer Nationals on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 18 and 19. Friday’s show will feature the 410 winged sprints, 305 sprints and American Late Model Series. Saturday will be an all open-wheel affair as Kear’s Speedshop Presents the Open-Wheel Onslaught featuring the 410 sprints, NRA 360 sprints and 305 sprints.

Long onto www.atticaracewaypark.com or call 419-426-8911 for more information.

Attica Raceway Park (8-4-06)

410 Super Sprints
Heat 1 – Budweiser (top 5 to A)
1. 8S-Craig Mintz; 2. 5R-Bryon Reed; 3. 15M-Jamie Martin; 4. 14H-Todd Heller; 5. 10S-Roger Shammo; 6. 83-Bobby Clark; 7. X-Mark Keegan; 8. 67-Chad Levingston

Heat 2 – Ramsey Trucking (top 5 to A)
1. 2H-Tim Hunter; 2. 37Z-Bryan Scott; 3. 1R-Phil Gressman; 4. 10-David Harrison; 5. 12-Caleb Griffith; 6. 7B-Jamie Miller; 7. 60-Jody Keegan

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets (top 5 to A)
1. 4K-Kelly Kinser; 2. 78-Todd Kane; 3. 16-Lee Jacobs; 4. 3L-Mike Linder; 5. 75-Mike Hogan; 6. 98-Bruce Robenalt; 7. 91-Aaron Middaugh

B-main – Computer Man Inc.(top 5 to A)
1. 7B-Jamie Miller; 2. 83-Bobby Clark; 3. 98-Bruce Robenalt; 4. 60-Jody Keegan; 5. 91-Aaron Middaugh; 6. 67-Chad Levingston; 7. 3B-Tim Bottles

A-main-30laps Starting Position []
1. 4K-Kelly Kinser[2]; 2. 8S-Craig Mintz[1]; 3. 3L-Mike Linder[5]; 4. 37Z-Bryan Scott[11]; 5. 16-Lee Jacobs[9]; 6. 1R-Phil Gressman[12]; 7. 78-Todd Kane[4]; 8. 5R-Bryon Reed[8]; 9.14H-Todd Heller[3]; 10. 15M-Jamie Martin[10]; 11. 10-David Harrison[7]; 12. 10S-Roger Shammo[13]; 13. 2H-Tim Hunter[6]; 14. 12-Caleb Griffith[14]; 15. 98-Bruce Robenalt[18]; 16. 83-Bobby Clark[17]; 17. 7B-Jamie Miller[16]; 18. 60-Jody Keegan[19]; 19. 75-Mike Hogan[15]; 20. 91-Aaron Middaugh[20]

305 Sprints
Heat 1 – Budweiser (top 4 to A)
1. 34-Mark Whaley; 2. 27-Stuart Brubaker; 3. 55-Brad Bowman; 4. 48S-Andy Shammo; 5. 71-Bill Kraylek; 6. 3J-Bobby Foster; 7. 70-Chad Laux; 8. 4T-Jim Taddeo

Heat 2 – Advanced Limo (tp 4 to A)
1. 1W-Paul Weaver; 2. 15C-Chris Andrews; 3. O2-Kevin Lee; 4. 31-Chad Gullett; 5. 5-Dustin Dinan; 6. 22D-Dan Hammond; 7. 29-Chris Lang; 8. 11-Shawn Colvin

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets (top 4 to A)
1. 49-Coty Runion; 2. O4-Cap Henry; 3. 25P-Mark Pridemore; 4. 65-Mark Lang; 5. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh; 6. 7M-Evan Myers; 7. 55S-Benny Bowman; 8. 39-Matt Merrill

Heat 4 – Griffs Engines (top 4 to A)
1. 21-Scott Kraylek; 2. O1-Bryan Sebetto; 3. 17X-Dustin Keegan; 4. 18-Jim Dunhum; 5. 14-Chad Wilson; 6. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 7. 15H-Mitchell Harble

B-Main (top 4 to A)
1. 5-Dustin Dinan; 2. 3J-Bobby Foster; 3. 71-Bill Kraylek; 4. 14-Chad Wilson; 5. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 6. 22D-Dan Hammond; 7. 70-Chad Laux; 8. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh; 9. 39-Matt Merrill; 10. 29-Chris Lang; 11. 7M-Evan Myers; 12. 55S-Benny Bowman; 13. 4T-Jim Taddeo; 14. 11-Shawn Colvin; 15. 15H-Mitchell Harble

A-main (25 laps) Starting Position []
1. 21-Scott Kraylek[6]; 2. O2-Kevin Lee[5]; 3. 48S-Andy Shammo[13]; 4. 49-Coty Runion[1]; 5. O1-Bryan Sebetto[10]; 6. 15C-Chris Andrews[12]; 7. 5-Dustin Dinan[17]; 8. 55-Brad Bowman[3]; 9. 3J-Bobby Foster[18]; 10. 14-Chad Wilson[20]; 11. 34-Mark Whaley[4]; 12. 25P-Mark Pridemore[2]; 13. 27-Stuart Brubaker[8]; 14. O4-Cap Henry[7]; 15. 1W-Paul Weaver[11]; 16. 17X-Dustin Keegan[9]; 17. 18-Jim Dunhum[16]; 18. 31-Chad Gullett[14]; 19. 71-Bill Kraylek[19]; 20. 65-Mark Lang[15]

Limited Late Models (Make-up from 7-21-06)
A-main (20 laps) Starting Position []
1. 21-Larry Kingseed[3]; 2. 15B-Mike Bores[5]; 3. 50-Ryan Missler[1]; 4. 45-Jeff McCoy[19]; 5. 27-Bill Hahn[2]; 6. 69-John Mayes Jr.[7]; 7. 48-John Bores[11]; 8. 92-Brandon Perkins[6]; 9. 77C-Craig Corfman[18]; 10. 20-Troy Hahn[12]; 11. 12M-Mike Marteney[20]; 12. 99S-Steve Sabo[16]; 13. O1-Art Ball[4]; 14. 7-Michael Winters[9]; 15. 8K-Kevin Koerper[13]; 16. 99M-John Mayes[8]; 17. 5H-Ernie Haynes[10]; 18. 18-Jamie Reed[15]; 19. O3-Jim Gingery[14]; 20. 23-Ben Elliott[17]

Late Models
Heat 1 – Budweiser & Griff’s Engines (top 4 to A)
1. 27-Bill Hahn; 2. 92-Brandon Perkins; 3. 15B-Mike Bores; 4. 30-Nate Potts; 5. 7A-Scott Gonion; 6. O3J-Clint Jamison; 7. 29-Matt Potts; 8. 99S-Steve Sabo

Heat 2 – Tin Lizzy Collision of Tiffin (top 4 to A)
1. 21-Larry Kingseed; 2. 45-Mike Marteney; 3. 99M-John Mayes Sr.; 4. 20-Troy Hahn; 5. 55-J.C. Harder

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets (top 4 to A)
1. 98-Tim Sabo; 2. 48-John Bores; 3. 69-John Mayes Jr.; 4. 25-Chuck Hummer; 5. 9-Roger Inks; 6. 23-Ben Elliott; 7. 76-Skip Mckinney

Heat 4 – Computer Man Inc (top 4 to A)
1. 50-Ryan Missler; 2. 101-Chester Fitch; 3. 47-Jeremy Grover; 4. C4-Bill Clapp Jr.; 5. 77C-Craig Corfman

B-Main – Computer Man Inc. (top 4 to A)
1. O2-Jeff Mccoy; 2. 76-Skip Mckinney; 3. 23-Ben Elliott; 4. 55-J.C. Harder; 5. 77C-Craig Corfman; 6. 29-Matt Potts; 7. 9-Roger Inks; 8. 7A-Scott Gonion

A-main (20 laps) Starting Position []
1. 21-Larry Kingseed[3]; 2. 99M-John Mayes Sr.[7]; 3. 50-Ryan Missler[6]; 4. 27-Bill Hahn[2]; 5. 98-Tim Sabo[5]; 6. 15B-Mike Bores[1]; 7. 101-Chester Fitch[8]; 8. 69-John Mayes Jr.[9]; 9. 92-Brandon Perkins[4]; 10. C4-Bill Clapp Jr.[16]; 11. 47-Jeremy Grover[11]; 12. 25-Chuck Hummer[15]; 13. 76-Skip Mckinney[18]; 14. 45-Mike Marteney[12]; 15. 30-Nate Potts[13]; 16. 77C-Craig Corfman[20]; 17. O2-Jeff Mccoy[17]; 18. 20-Troy Hahn[14]; 19. 48-John Bores[10]; 20. 55-J.C. Harder[19]

Dirt Trucks
Heat 1 – Davis Brothers Carpeting
1. 17-Bob Dible; 2. 18W-Cory Ward; 3. 52-Aaron Schatzinger; 4. 37-Eric Devanna; 5. 55B-Bill Bruen; 6. 30-Dave Gibbs; 7. 3R-Chuck Roelle; 8. 62-Dave Severs

Heat 2 – Pepsi
1. O1-Art Ball; 2. 38-Paul Dymond; 3. 2R-Ron Kepling; 4. 28-Shawn Valenti; 5. 4X-Brian Sorg; 6. 8-Steve Endicott; 7. 92-Loren Schwochow

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets
1. 33-Brian Arnold; 2. 69-Mark Warnick; 3. 78-Dave Brewer; 4. 96-Alex Wiechman; 5. O7-Greg Harmon; 6. 7C-Codey Renfro; 7. 22-Todd Keegan
A-main (15 laps) Starting Position []
1. 18W-Cory Ward[2]; 2. O1-Art Ball[5]; 3. 33-Brian Arnold[12]; 4. 17-Bob Dible[7]; 5. 2R-Ron Kepling[4]; 6. 37-Eric Devanna[6]; 7. 28-Shawn Valenti[9]; 8. 69-Mark Warnick[11]; 9. 78-Dave Brewer[10]; 10. 30-Dave Gibbs[16]; 11. 4X-Brian Sorg[14]; 12. 52-Aaron Schatzinger[1]; 13. 92-Loren Schwochow[20]; 14. 38-Paul Dymond[3]; 15. 62-Dave Severs[22]; 16. 55B-Bill Bruen[13]; 17. 7C-Codey Renfro[18]; 18. 3R-Chuck Roelle[19]; 19. O7-Greg Harmon[15]; 20. 22-Todd Keegan[21]; 21. 8-Steve Endicott[17]; 22. 96-Alex Wiechman[8]

Family Fun Night On 8.4.06

Attica, Ohio(Monday, July 31, 2006) – Attica Raceway Park is offering families a great night of entertainment at an affordable price on Friday, Aug. 4.

Burns Electric will present Family Fun Night at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” speedplant featuring the ususal non-stop, wheel-to-wheel racing. Fans will be able to see all the action for only $10 general admission. Race fans from ages 11 on up will get in for the best bargain of the year. Kids 10 and under are admitted free and will be eligible for a free bike give-away.

Not only will fans get in for just $10, but hot dogs will only be $1 and popcorn will be 50 cents!

The racing will feature the fire-breathing, alcohol-burning, mud-slinging 410 winged sprint cars, the exciting 305 sprints, the door-banging dirt trucks and the side-by-side action of the limited late models (including a 20-lap make-up feature from July 21!).

The 305 sprints will also be competing for an increased purse of over $7,500 with $1,500 going to the winner in the 305 Engine Builders’ Challenge sponsored by Levell Performance, Hampshire Racing Engines, Gressman Powersports, Griff’s Engines and O’Flaherty Engines.

Attica Raceway Park is located at the northeast corner of U.S. 224 and St. Rt. 4 in the Attica Fairgrounds. Gates open at 5 p.m. with the exciting racing action scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.

There will be no racing on Friday, Aug. 11 during the Attica Independent Fair. Action resumes with a weekend double-header on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 18 and 19 for the second annual Attica Summer Nationals.

The Aug. 18 show will feature the 410 sprints, 305 sprints and the powerful late models of the American Late Model Series presented by Sunoco. August 19 will be the Kear’s Speedshop Open Wheel Onslaught with the 410 sprints, 305 sprints and the NRA 360 sprints all in action.
For more information log onto www.atticaracewaypark.com or call 419-426-8911 or 419-680-5600.

7.28.06 Results

Wilson back in Attica victory lane

By Brian Liskai: Attica, Ohio (Friday, July 28, 2006) – Greg Wilson has been very fast all year, but bad luck has struck the Benton Ridge, Ohio driver, keeping him from several feature wins. However, he wasn’t to be denied Friday at Attica Raceway Park, as he dominated the 410 sprint feature for his third win of the year at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” venue on Budweiser Night.

Tiffin’s Jeff McCoy held off several challenges for the lead from Mike Marteney and Bill Hahn to score his second limited late model victory of the year, earning $1,000 thanks to Underground Utilities Inc. It was McCoy’s 19th career Attica win.

Fostoria’s Scott Kraylek was the beneficiary when early leader Paul Weaver and Bryan Sebetto tangled with eight laps to go, as he scored his eighth career Attica victory in the 305 sprint make-up feature from July 21.

Sebetto would come back to take the checkered in the regular portion of the night’s program for his second career victory at Attica in the 305 sprints.

Tiffin’s Art Ball held off a last-lap challenge from Cory Ward to win the $450 Tiffin Area Business Community feature in the dirt trucks. It was the 67-year-old’s second career truck victory at ARP.

In the 410 sprint feature, Wilson jumped to a big lead from his pole starting spot with Mike Linder and Brandon Martin in tow. The current All Star Circuit of Champions point leader built a sizeable lead while Linder, Martin and Caleb Griffith battled behind.

The first caution would fly at the half-way mark of the 30-lap affair with Wilson holding a four lapped-car advantage over Linder, Griffith and Lee Jacobs. When the race resumed, Wilson resumed his assault on the high side, with Linder keeping him in his sites while Griffith and Jacobs battled for third.

The yellow would fly for the last time on lap 21 with the running order Wilson, Linder, Griffith, Jacobs and David Harrison. When the green came back out, Wilson built up his lead as Linder now had his hands full with Griffith.

At the checkered, Wilson held a 7 car length advantage over Linder, Griffith, Jacobs, Harrison, 12th starting Mark Keegan, Martin and Bryan Scott.

“We were fast the last couple of weeks but weird stuff would happen that kept us out of victory lane,” said Wilson beside his All Star Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning sponsored #W20. “My nephew drew that pole starting number and that helped turn our fortunes around.”

For Wilson it was his 14th career Attica win, tying him for fifth on the all-time 410 sprint win list.

In the limited late model feature, McCoy jumped into the lead from his pole starting spot, but he couldn’t pull away from Bill Hahn and Mike Marteney who hounded him the entire distance.

At the half-way mark of the 20-lap affair, McCoy lead over Hahn, Marteney, Ryan Missler, John Mayes Jr. and Larry Kingseed. He would lead the rest of the way for his second win of the season at Attica.

Behind McCoy at the checkered were Hahn, Marteney, Missler and Kingseed.

“I have to thank the Stiltner family…if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be racing,” said McCoy beside his Abdoo Wrecking sponsored #02. “Mike (Marteney) raced me hard and clean and then I saw that block nose (Hahn) under me a few times and I knew I was in for a battle.”

In the make-up 305 sprint feature, Weaver would jump into the early lead with Kraylek in tow. The five-time Attica winner would cruise to a big lead that would be wiped out with a lap 17 caution. The running order was Weaver, Sebetto (up from 11th), Kraylek and Coty Runion.

On the restart, Sebetto executed the slide job in turn one, sliding up in front of Weaver for the lead. Weaver would not give up, as he got into the tail of Sebetto exiting turn two, sending him spinning. Weaver was black-flagged for rough driving, thus giving the lead to Kraylek.

Kraylek would lead the rest of the way for his eighth career Attica win. Jim Dunham would come home second followed by Runion, Dustin Dinan and Andy Shammo rounding out the top five.

“I hated to see that happen in front of me, but I was in the right place at the right time,” said Kraylek beside his Lincoln Mortgage, Keith Brewer Automotive sponsored #21. “I don’t think I could have caught those two guys…I had my foot all the way to the floor…their motors are sharper than mine…it’s tired.”

In the regular portion of the 305 night, Fostoria’s Bill Kraylek would jump into the early lead and continue to hold the point until lap 15 of the 25-lap affair. Behind him Sebetto moved from his fifth starting spot to four on lap six and into third on lap eight. He would advance to second by lap 14 and then drover around Kraylek for the lead on lap 16.

Sebetto would take the checkered ahead of 12th starting Chris Andrews, Scott Kraylek, Bill Kraylek and Andy Shammo.

“I’m not going to comment on what happened in the first feature…I have my story and I’m sure Paul has his,” said Sebetto about the first feature altercation. “All I know is we have finished second a lot lately and it feels awesome to get back to victory lane. I won my first feature here in 2003 and it’s taken a long time to get another one.

“I have to thank Matt Poltner my owner for sticking with me and my crew for all their hard work,” added Sebetto beside his Madison Street Tavern/Abdoo Wrecking sponsored #01.

In the 15-lap dirt truck main, pole-sitter Art Ball lead all the way, but couldn’t shake Bellevue’s Cory Ward who hounded him from the second lap on. As Ball took the white flag, Ward stuck his nose under the veteran as they raced side-by-side down the back stretch. Exiting turn four for the win, Ball held on by a front fender, with Ward, Brian Arnold, Steve Endicott and Bob Dible rounding out the top five.

“Winning keeps you young,” said Ball beside his Pierce Engineering/Mager’s Lumber sponsored #01 truck. “These guys are tough competitors and they raced very clean. I have to thank the Pierce family for giving me everything I need to race and have fun.”

Attica Raceway Park will host Family Night sponsored by Burns Electric of Tiffin on Friday, Aug. 4, with adult admission only $10! Bring the whole family out (kids 10 and under get in free) and enjoy the racing action featuring the 410 sprints, 305 sprints, limited late models and dirt trucks. Hot dogs will only be $1 and popcorn will be 50 cents.

It’s a big night for the 305 sprints as they compete for $1,500 and a total purse of over $7,500 thanks to the 305 Engine Builders Challenge sponsored by Gressman Powersports, Hampshire Racing Engines, Griff’s Engines, O’Flaherty Racing Engines and Level Performance.

Also, the limite late models will run double features as they make up their main from July 21.

Attica Raceway Park (7-28-06)

410 Super SprintsHeat 1 – Budweiser
1. 4N-Niel Shepard; 2. 11M-Brandon Martin; 3. W20-Greg Wilson; 4. 7B-Jamie
Miller; 5. 10S-Roger Shammo; 6. 75-Mike Hogan; 7. 91-Aaron Middaugh

Heat 2 – Ramsey Trucking
1. 11B-Brock Mayes; 2. X-Mark Keegan; 3. 12-Caleb Griffith; 4. 37Z-Bryan
Scott; 5. 5R-Bryon Reed; 6. 60-Jody Keegan; 7. 35-Jimmy Hurley

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets
1. 10-David Harrison; 2. 8S-Craig Mintz; 3. 16-Lee Jacobs; 4. 3L-Mike
Linder; 5. 98-Bruce Robenalt; 6. 12M-James Mosher

A-main Starting Position []
1. W20-Greg Wilson[1]; 2. 3L-Mike Linder[2]; 3. 12-Caleb Griffith[5]; 4.
16-Lee Jacobs[9]; 5. 10-David Harrison[3]; 6. X-Mark Keegan[12]; 7.
11M-Brandon Martin[4]; 8. 37Z-Bryan Scott[7]; 9. 8S-Craig Mintz[11]; 10.
5R-Bryon Reed[14]; 11. 60-Jody Keegan[17]; 12. 7B-Jamie Miller[6]; 13.
10S-Roger Shammo[13]; 14. 75-Mike Hogan[16]; 15. 11B-Brock Mayes[10]; 16.
98-Bruce Robenalt[15]; 17. 91-Aaron Middaugh[19]; 18. 4N-Niel Shepard[8];
19. 35-Jimmy Hurley[20]; 20. 12M-James Mosher[18]

305 Sprints (7-21-06 Make-up)
A-main Starting Position []
1. 21-Scott Kraylek[2]; 2. 18-Jim Dunhum[6]; 3. 49-Coty Runion[3]; 4.
5-Dustin Dinan[10]; 5. 48S-Andy Shammo[12]; 6. 55-Brad Bowman[15]; 7.
9H-Josh Hill[16]; 8. 14-Chad Wilson[8]; 9. 15C-Chris Andrews[14]; 10.
9Z-Duane Zablocki[17]; 11. 31-Chad Gullett[1]; 12. 25P-Mark Pridemore[7];
13. 22D-Dan Hammond[18]; 14. O2-Kevin Lee[9]; 15. O1-Bryan Sebetto[11]; 16.
17X-Dustin Keegan[19]; 17. 1W-Paul Weaver[4]; 18. 27-Stuart Brubaker[5]; 19.
71-Bill Kraylek[13]; 20. 15H-Mitchell Harble[20]

305 SprintS (7-28-06)
Heat 1 – Budweiser
1. 31-Chad Gullett; 2. 15C-Chris Andrews; 3. O1-Bryan Sebetto; 4. 21-Scott
Kraylek; 5. 14-Chad Wilson; 6. 29-Chris Lang; 7. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 8.
1J-Jeremy Shambaugh; 9. 11-Shawn Colvin

Heat 2 – Advanced Limo
1. 49-Coty Runion; 2. 7-Brad Haudenschild; 3. 25P-Mark Pridemore; 4.
15H-Mitchell Harble; 5. 5-Dustin Dinan; 6. 4T-Jim Taddeo

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets
1. 27-Stuart Brubaker; 2. 48S-Andy Shammo; 3. 71-Bill Kraylek; 4. 55-Brad
Bowman; 5. 18-Jim Dunhum; 6. 17X-Dustin Keegan; 7. 22D-Dan Hammond; 8.
9H-Jason Hill

1. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 2. 29-Chris Lang; 3. 22D-Dan Hammond; 4. 17X-Dustin
Keegan; 5. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh; 6. 11-Shawn Colvin; 7. 9H-Jason Hill; 8.
4T-Jim Taddeo

A-main Starting Position []
1. O1-Bryan Sebetto[5]; 2. 15C-Chris Andrews[12]; 3. 21-Scott Kraylek[4]; 4.
71-Bill Kraylek[1]; 5. 48S-Andy Shammo[3]; 6. 55-Brad Bowman[9]; 7.
27-Stuart Brubaker[6]; 8. 14-Chad Wilson[13]; 9. 25P-Mark Pridemore[2]; 10.
49-Coty Runion[7]; 11. 22D-Dan Hammond[18]; 12. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[16]; 13.
17X-Dustin Keegan[19]; 14. 7-Brad Haudenschild[10]; 15. 18-Jim Dunhum[15];
16. 5-Dustin Dinan[14]; 17. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh[20]; 18. 15H-Mitchell
Harble[11]; 19. 31-Chad Gullett[8]; 20. 29-Chris Lang[17]

Late Models
Heat 1 – Budweiser & Griff’s Engines
1. 45-Mike Marteney; 2. 98-Tim Sabo; 3. O2-Jeff Mccoy; 4. 50-Ryan Missler;
5. 101-Chester Fitch; 6. 2-Steve Kester

Heat 2 – Tin Lizzy Collision of Tiffin
1. 69-John Mayes Jr.; 2. 27-Bill Hahn; 3. 15B-Mike Bores; 4. 99M-John Mayes;
5. 20-Troy Hahn; 6. 29-Matt Potts; 7. 30-Nate Potts; 8. O1-Art Ball

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets
1. 21-Larry Kingseed; 2. 92-Brandon Perkins; 3. 99-Steve Sabo; 4.
12M-Michael Stiltner; 5. 48-John Bores; 6. 47-Jeremy Grover; 7. 8K-Kevin
Koerper; 8. 77C-Craig Corfman

A-main Starting Position []
1. O2-Jeff Mccoy[1]; 2. 27-Bill Hahn[5]; 3. 45-Mike Marteney[4]; 4. 50-Ryan
Missler[7]; 5. 21-Larry Kingseed[10]; 6. 69-John Mayes Jr.[3]; 7. 15B-Mike
Bores[12]; 8. 47-Jeremy Grover[15]; 9. 101-Chester Fitch[11]; 10. 99-Steve
Sabo[9]; 11. 12M-Michael Stiltner[8]; 12. 8K-Kevin Koerper[17]; 13.
77C-Craig Corfman[19]; 14. 20-Troy Hahn[14]; 15. 2-Steve Kester[13]; 16.
92-Brandon Perkins[2]; 17. 99M-John Mayes[6]; 18. 29-Matt Potts[16]; 19.
O1-Art Ball[18]

Dirt TrucksHeat 1 – Davis Brothers Carpeting
1. 8-Steve Endicott; 2. 18W-Corey Ward; 3. 33-Brian Arnold; 4. 30-Dave
Gibbs; 5. O7-Greg Harmon; 6. 69-Mark Warnick; 7. 92-Loren Schwochow

Heat 2 – Pepsi
1. O1-Art Ball; 2. 52-Aaron Schatzinger; 3. 38-Paul Dymond; 4. 4X-Brian
Sorg; 5. 7C-Codey Renfro; 6. 96-Alex Wiechman

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets
1. 17-Bob Dible; 2. 2R-Ron Kepling; 3. 37-Eric Devanna; 4. 45-Tim Adams Jr.;
5. 22-Todd Keegan

A-main Starting Position []
1. O1-Art Ball[2]; 2. 18W-Corey Ward[3]; 3. 33-Brian Arnold[4]; 4. 8-Steve
Endicott[5]; 5. 17-Bob Dible[12]; 6. 38-Paul Dymond[1]; 7. 52-Aaron
Schatzinger[7]; 8. 4X-Brian Sorg[9]; 9. 45-Tim Adams Jr.[10]; 10. 30-Dave
Gibbs[11]; 11. 92-Loren Schwochow[16]; 12. 37-Eric Devanna[8]; 13. 69-Mark
Warnick[14]; 14. 22-Todd Keegan[15]; 15. 96-Alex Wiechman[17]; 16. O7-Greg
Harmon[13]; 17. 2R-Ron Kepling[6]

7.21.06 Results

Kaeding holds off “The Boss” for NST win at Attica

By Brian Liskai: Attica, Ohio (Friday, July 21, 2006) – Tim Kaeding has paid attention in “school.” He took the lessons learned from arguably the best sprint car driver of all time – his car owner – Steve Kinser, and used it against “The King” and “The Dude” Danny Lasoski to outdual them the final seven laps to score his 10th National Sprint Tour win of the season at Attica Raceway Park Friday.

On a restart with seven laps remaining, Kaeding drove his Slick 50 sponsored #11k around the rim and past Lasoski to grab the lead and immediately went back to the bottom groove. While the Clovis, California resident thought he would cruise to the win, Kinser powered his Quaker State #11 around Lasoski for second and moved to the outside to challenge Kaeding.

With four laps remaining Kinser would try the top side and tried to pinch Kaeding for the lead, but he would have none of it as he held his ground, sliding up top for the block. The next lap Kinser would try the slide job on Kaeding in turns three and four, almost taking both cars out, but Kaeding would hang onto the lead, as Kinser slide high, nearly making contact with the front stretch wall, allowing Lasoski to sneak by into second.

Kaeding would go on to the victory over Lasoski, Kinser, outside front row starter Shane Stewart, quick qualifier Dale Blaney, Jason Meyers (up from 13th starting spot), Greg Wilson, Kerry Madsen, Paul McMahan and Jason Sides.

“I live and die by the high side,” said Kaeding about his winning move onthe lap 33 restart. “But I knew once I got around Danny I had better get back to the bottom because he was really good down there. Then I saw Steve outside of me…I have to admit it, I blocked a lot those last few laps.”

“We’ve struggled the past few weeks…to get back on track and put such a great show on for the fans…WOW! This is a dream season,” added Kaeding.

The 40-lap Kistler Engines feature had Jason Solwold and Stewart in the front row. Before they could get a lap in, Solwold spun in turn four. On the restart, Stewart would jump into the lead with Lasoski, Kinser, Kaeding and All-Star Circuit of Champions point leader Wilson in tow. The yellow would not fly again until lap 33.

On lap six, Lasoski, utilizing the bottom groove, moved beside Stewart and would take the top spot a lap later. By lap 9 the leaders hit lapped traffic, allowing Kinser and Kaeding to move around Stewart. The top three would remain that way until the halfway mark when Kaeding began pressuring Kinser for second. Kaeding would grab the runner-up spot on lap 27 and set his sights on Lasoski, setting up the dramatic finish the last seven laps.

The A-mains for the 305 sprints and limited late models were postponed due to unsafe track conditions. A blown motor in the limited late B-main caused the track crew to put loose clay over the oil. When the 305 sprints tried to start their feature, the very dusty conditions created an unsafe race environment, so ARP officials decided to end the night. The 305 sprints will make up the A-main on Friday, July 28 in addition to their regular program. The limited late model A-main will be made up on Friday, Aug. 4 in addition to their regular program.

Attica Raceway Park will be back in action Friday, July 28 for Budweiser Night with the 410 sprints, 305 sprints (double features), the limited late models (Underground Utilities Inc. A-main paying $1,000 to win) and the dirt trucks.

Attica Raceway Park (7-21-06)
National Sprint Tour – 410 Super Sprints
1. 2-Dale Blaney, 12.065; 2. 7S-Jason Sides, 12.157; 3. 83-Danny Lasoski, 12.158; 4. 20-Paul McMahan, 12.166; 5. 4K-Kelly Kinser, 12.184; 6. 14-Jason Meyers, 12.200; 7. R19-Jason Solwold, 12.245; 8. 5-Byron Reed, 12.251; 9. 11-Steve Kinser, 12.252; 10. 26-Shane Stewart, 12.318; 11. 11K-Tim Kaeding, 12.321; 12. 16-Lee Jacobs, 12.327; 13. W20-Greg Wilson, 12.329; 14. 11H-Kerry Madsen, 12.339; 15. 11B-Brock Mayes, 12.345; 16. 1R-Phil Gressman, 12.375; 17. 53-John Ivy, 12.417; 18. 28-Brian Paulus, 12.420; 19. 6-Dean Jacobs, 12.428; 20. 37Z-Bryan Scott, 12.475; 21. 2H-Tim Hunter, 12.476; 22. X-Mark Keegan, 12.489; 23. 11M-Brandon Martin, 12.518; 24. 4-Danny Smith, 12.521; 25. 8S-Craig Mintz, 12.604; 26. 7B-Jamie Miller, 12.610; 27. 55X-Brian Smith, 12.646; 28. 10-David Harrison, 12.649; 29. 12-Caleb Griffith, 12.712; 30. 3-Mike Linder, 12.725; 31. 98-Bruce Robenalt, 12.822; 32. 1H-Kyle Cummins, 12.843; 33. 91-Aaron Middaugh, 13.214; 34. 10S-Roger Shammo, 13.288; 35. 26W-Cody White, 18.184

Heat 1 – Budweiser
1. 2H-Tim Hunter; 2. W20-Greg Wilson; 3. 11-Steve Kinser; 4. 4K-Kelly Kinser; 5. 2-Dale Blaney; 6. 53-John Ivy; 7. 12-Caleb Griffith; 8. 8S-Craig Mintz; 9. 91-Aaron Middaugh

Heat 2 – Ramsey Trucking
1. X-Mark Keegan; 2. 28-Brian Paulus; 3. 26-Shane Stewart; 4. 11H-Kerry Madsen; 5. 7S-Jason Sides; 6. 14-Jason Meyers; 7. 7B-Jamie Miller; 8. 3-Mike Linder; 9. 10S-Roger Shammo

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets
1. 11K-Tim Kaeding; 2. 11M-Brandon Martin; 3. R19-Jason Solwold; 4. 11B-Brock Mayes; 5. 83-Danny Lasoski; 6. 98-Bruce Robenalt; 7. 55X-Brian Smith; 8. 6-Dean Jacobs; 9. 26W-Cody White

Heat 4 – Pepsi
1. 4-Danny Smith; 2. 1R-Phil Gressman; 3. 37Z-Bryan Scott; 4. 20-Paul McMahan; 5. 5-Byron Reed; 6. 16-Lee Jacobs; 7. 10-David Harrison; 8. 1H-Kyle Cummins

Dash 1
1. 26-Shane Stewart; 2. 83-Danny Lasoski; 3. W20-Greg Wilson; 4. 2-Dale Blaney; 5. 4K-Kelly Kinser; 6. 5-Byron Reed

Dash 2
1. R19-Jason Solwold; 2. 11-Steve Kinser; X. 11K-Tim Kaeding; 4. 11H-Kerry Madsen; 5. 20-Paul McMahan; 6. 7S-Jason Sides

B-main – Computer Man Inc.
1. 10-David Harrison; 2. 14-Jason Meyers; 3. 6-Dean Jacobs; 4. 16-Lee Jacobs; 5. 53-John Ivy; 6. 3-Mike Linder; 7. 12-Caleb Griffith; 8. 1H-Kyle Cummins; 9. 98-Bruce Robenalt; 10. 7B-Jamie Miller; 11. 8S-Craig Mintz; 12. 91-Aaron Middaugh; 13. 10S-Roger Shammo; 14. 26W-Cody White; 15. 55X-Brian Smith

A-main Starting Position []
1. 11K-Tim Kaeding[5]; 2. 83-Danny Lasoski[4]; 3. 11-Steve Kinser[3]; 4. 26-Shane Stewart[2]; 5. 2-Dale Blaney[8]; 6. 14-Jason Meyers[13]; 7. W20-Greg Wilson[6]; 8. 11H-Kerry Madsen[7]; 9. 20-Paul McMahan[9]; 10. 7S-Jason Sides[11]; 11. 4K-Kelly Kinser[10]; 12. 1R-Phil Gressman[16]; 13. 11B-Brock Mayes[15]; 14. 6-Dean Jacobs[18]; 15. X-Mark Keegan[21]; 16. 5-Byron Reed[12]; 17. 28-Brian Paulus[17]; 18. 37Z-Bryan Scott[19]; 19. 10-David Harrison[24]; 20. 16-Lee Jacobs[14]; 21. R19-Jason Solwold[1]; 22. 11M-Brandon Martin[22]; 23. 4-Danny Smith[23]; 24. 2H-Tim Hunter[20]

305 Sprints

Heat 1 – Budweiser
1. 1W-Paul Weaver; 2. 18-Jim Dunhum; 3. 31-Chad Gullett; 4. 14-Chad Wilson; 5. 71-Bill Kraylek; 6. 9H-Josh Hill; 7. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 8. 17X-Dustin Keegan

Heat 2 – Advanced Limo
1. 5-Dustin Dinan; 2. 27-Stuart Brubaker; 3. O2-Kevin Lee; 4. 48S-Andy Shammo; 5. 15C-Chris Andrews; 6. 22D-Dan Hammond; 7. 7-Brad Haudenschild; 8. 15H-Mitchell Harble

Heat 3 – Bell Helmets
1. O1-Bryan Sebetto; 2. 49-Coty Runion; 3. 21-Scott Kraylek; 4. 25P-Mark Pridemore; 5. 3K-Brad Keckler; 6. 55-Brad Bowman; 7. 11-Shawn Colvin; 8. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh

1. 55-Brad Bowman; 2. 9H-Josh Hill; 3. 9Z-Duane Zablocki; 4. 22D-Dan Hammond; 5. 17X-Dustin Keegan; 6. 15H-Mitchell Harble; 7. 7-Brad Haudenschild; 8. 1J-Jeremy Shambaugh; 9. 11-Shawn Colvin

Limited Late Models
Budweiser/Griff’s Engines Heat 1
1. 7-Michael Winters; 2. 20-Troy Hahn; 3. 69-John Mayes Jr.; 4. 99M-John Mayes; 5. 8K-Kevin Koerper; 6. 99S-Steve Sabo; 7. 23-Ben Elliott; 8. 12M-Michael Stiltner

Tin Lizzy Collision Heat 2
1. 21-Larry Kingseed; 2. 15B-Mike Bores; 3. 27-Bill Hahn; 4. 48-John Bores; 5. 45-Mike Marteney; 6. O14-Paul Brown Jr.; 7. 77C-Craig Corfman; 8. 101-Chester Fitch

Bell Helmets Heat 3
1. 50-Ryan Missler; 2. 92-Brandon Perkins; 3. 5H-Ernie Haynes; 4. O1-Art Ball; 5. O3-Jim Gingery; 6. 18-Jamie Reed; 7. 29-Matt Potts
1. 12M-Michael Stiltner; 2. 18-Jamie Reed; 3. 99S-Steve Sabo; 4. 23-Ben Elliott; 5. 77C-Craig Corfman; 6. 29-Matt Potts; 7. O14-Paul Brown Jr.; 8. 101-Chester Fitch