Rules Modifications For Limited Late Models Announced

By Brian Liskai: ATTICA, Ohio (Jan. 30, 2006) – The exciting and competitive limited late model division at Attica Raceway Park will undergo a few rule changes in 2006. Limited late model rules for 2006 will apply under UMP guidelines with the following exceptions:

-Aluminum motors will be allowed, but cars utilizing them must add 150 pounds of weight to the front of the car. Weight must be completely located in front of the center line of the front shocks.

-Aluminum heads will be allowed, but cars utilizing them must add 50 pounds of weight to the front of the car. Weight must be completely located in front of the center line of the front shocks.

-All weights must be properly secured.

-The limited late models will not have a tire rule or a weight rule.

“We believe this will make it easier for our regular competitors to find affordable parts and to be able to compete at other tracks with the regular late model divisions during other nights of the weekend. It might also give late model drivers a chance to compete at Attica on Fridays,” said Attica Promoter John Bores, himself a limited late model driver.

All rules and specifications in all weekly divisions are subject to change at Attica Raceway Park’s discretion.
For more information, contact ARP Director of Operations Rex LeJeune at 419-680-5606.

Exciting Marketing Opportunities at Attica Raceway Park

By Brian Liskai: ATTICA, Ohio (Jan. 26, 2006) – With the country’s top sanctioning bodies and some of the best weekly Friday night racing you will find anywhere, Attica Raceway Park presents many exciting marketing opportunities for area businesses. We now live in a new age of marketing digitally, such as SEO, Google, and now even email marketing (here’s a Guide to Email Marketing), and so perhaps these marketing opportunities will be done online. However, unfortunately, local businesses might find marketing a little difficult in this new age of marketing, SEO and Google. Some businesses find that using marketing analytics companies could be great for reaching old and new customers. These companies use sales and marketing funnels in order to discover more about their customer base and map their experiences. These marketing and sales tools – such as this free sales funnel template – coupled with marketing data analysis could shed light on and help businesses reach their customers.

According to ARP Operations Director Rex LeJeune, there are many forms of sponsorship available for the 2006 season. The action-packed 24 race schedule will provide valuable exposure for area businesses to the
thousands of race fans that come each week to “Ohio’s Finest Racing” speed plant.

“Race fans are the most loyal customers around. They buy and use the goods and products they see supporting the sport they love,” said LeJeune.

ARP Promoter John Bores is offering 4-foot by 8-foot billboards to be displayed in front of the race fans all season. Race night sponsorships for companies also offer many benefits. This could be useful alongside hiring someone for Leisure and Destination Marketing Agency: Promote your Leisure Business if you’re in the area. And, the ultimate sponsorship bargain is a skybox of your very own for each event. The skyboxes are available in two packages featuring six or eight seats with a choice of general admission passes or pit pass access pricing.
To learn how you can team up with Attica Raceway Park and the exciting marketing possibilities available, contact LeJeune at 419-426-8911 or 419-680-5606

No Major Rule Changes For 305 Sprints, Some Changes For Limited Lates

ATTICA, Ohio (January 21, 2006) – To help keep costs down for the teams competing in the 305 sprint division, Attica Raceway Park will not have any major rule changes for the 2006 season which begins Friday, March 31. There will be, however, some rule alterations for the limited late model class.

The major rule change for the late models will be aluminum heads and/or aluminum motors will be allowed with weight additions to the front of the car. Weight amounts to be determined and announced in the very near future.

“Being that the 2006 season is just around the corner, we didn’t want to issue any major surprises to the 305 teams,” said Rex LeJeune, ARP Director of Operations. “We want to cooperate with Fremont Speedway on rules to help keep costs down.”

LeJeune said tech procedures for the 305 sprints and limited late models and any minor rule changes will be forthcoming in the very near future.
“Ohio’s Finest Racing” begins at Attica on Friday, March 31. The first two Friday night racing programs – March 31 and April 7 – will have a raindate the next night (Saturdays, April 1 and 8).

New Era Begins at Attica Raceway Park

By Brian Liskai ATTICA, Ohio (Jan. 12, 2006) – The 2006 racing season will usher in a new era at Attica Raceway Park, including a new promoter and new, exciting racing events at “Ohio’s Finest Friday Night Racing” venue.

Bellevue businessman John Bores takes over as the track’s new promoter. Bores, who has competed at the one-third mile high banked oval the past few years in the limited late model division, recently signed a contract with
the Attica Fair Association Board. Bores, owner of Underground Utilities Inc. (UUI), long-time sponsor of four-time All Star Champion Chad Kemenah’s Harble Motorsports sprint car, is excited about the opportunities that are ahead for Attica Raceway Park.

“We have many improvements planned to not only the facility, but to the race program to make it exciting and fun for the fans and drivers,” said Bores. “Attica has a long tradition of running entertaining, efficient programs and we plan to continue that. We have an exciting, diversified schedule planned for 2006.”

Bores has hired Rex LeJeune as ARP’s Director of Operations. LeJeune, who got his start in racing as a flagman at Fremont Speedway, ARP and Eldora Speedway, has held leadership positions with many different race organizations, most recently the last two seasons as the competition director for the Mid-American Sprint Series. LeJeune has worked with the World of Outlaws, including serving as the competition director for the former Gumout Series, and the All Star Circuit of Champions.

“I’m looking forward to working with John Bores. He is a man of integrity and has Attica’s and racing’s best interest in mind,” said LeJeune.

Both Bores and LeJeune are looking forward to working with the dedicated Attica staff, race teams, sponsors and especially the race fans.

“I’m especially excited about reviving the Attica tradition and returning the excitement and fun to Attica every Friday night. When Attica opened in 1988, the fans, race teams and the staff couldn’t wait for Friday to get here to go racing,” LeJeune continued.

The 2006 schedule is progressing with some outstanding professional series invading ARP.

“We’re ready to hit the ground running and I’m excited about the 2006 season,” LeJeune said. “Put the traveling series together with some of the best weekly racing in the country and good weather and 2006 could be a great year for Attica Raceway Park.”

The new era begins with opening night on Friday, March 31, with the 410 winged sprints, 305 sprints and limited late models.

Action at ARP heats up quickly, as the World of Outlaws drivers like Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman, Terry McCarl, Craig Dollansky , Brooke Tatnell, Jac Haudenschild, Jeremy Campbell and Chad Kemenah will challenge the tough ARP regulars such as 2004 champion Byron Reed, Mike Linder, David Harrison, Alvin Roepke, Bruce Robenalt and more on May 12.

“The King,” Steve Kinser, Danny Lasoski, Paul McMahon, Jason Meyers, Joey Saldana, Jason Sides, Lucas Wolfe, Tim Shaffer and more come to town as the new National Sprint Tour visits on May 26 and July 21.

The popular All Star Circuit of Champions are scheduled to make several appearances in 2006, kicking it off with the traditional Sprint Nationals, April 14 and 15. The All Stars will kick off the popular Ohio Sprint Speedweek on Sunday, June 25.

2013 Points

410 Sprints

RankCar #DriverPointsBack
1O9Craig Mintz18490
240DDCaleb Griffith177673
316Chris Andrews1724125
45TTravis Philo1723126
553DJ Foos1720129
65RByron Reed1669180
79ZDuane Zablocki1652197
845LBrian Lay1639210
935Stuart Brubaker1511338
102+Brian Smith1481368
1146AUStuart Williams1394455
1211XBrandon Martin1389460
1324HBryan Sebetto1340509
1455Brad Bowman1299550
157Dean Jacobs1188661
16W20Greg Wilson1018831
1722Cole Duncan978871
1860Jody Keegan950899
1940XLMike Linder7671082
209XRob Chaney7501099
2181Paige Polyak7251124
2245Danny Holtgraver7111138
2397XRodney Hurst6791170
2433MSheldon Haudenschild6611188
250Phil Gressman6481201

Late Models

RankCar #DriverPointsBack
150YRyan Missler19730
292Cody Scott194924
336Matt Irey194330
415BMike Bores191360
569John Mayes Jr.1843130
698Tim Sabo1795178
730Nate Potts1777196
821Larry Kingseed1751222
948John Bores1751222
1027Ken Hahn1622351
11O3Jim Gingery1605368
125JJosh Haynes1497476
1316Steve Sabo1496477
1451Devin Shiels1254719
1534Ky Harper1206767
1640Wayne Maffett Jr.1204769
1775Dusty Moore1130843
18OOChris Keller1089884
1991Rusty Schlenk1080893
2077Coby Bartram9651008
215MRyan Markham8551118
2215Jon Henry6811292
233Matt Miller6421331
2471Dave Hornikel6051368
25O1Brandon Perkins5391434

305 Sprints

RankCar #DriverPointsBack
11Nate Dussel19830
26Dustin Dinan197112
35RJordan Ryan193647
468GTyler Gunn1752231
536Seth Schneider1752231
625Jason Keckler1750233
72Ricky Peterson1690293
822DDan Hammond1688295
98JJess Stiger1672311
1013DJeremy Duposki1668315
119Jimmy Colvin1629354
121WPaul Weaver1580403
1383XNate Reeser1564419
1419RSteve Rando1342641
158IJohn Ivy1128855
16OOAlvin Roepke1065918
178MT.J Michael1064919
184KBobby Clark1048935
191JJeremy Shambaugh8881095
2022MDan McCarron8171166
214MJamie Miller7861197
2234Eric Duposki6321351
234TJim Taddeo5771406
2439CScott Riley5291454
2510XDustin Stroup5041479


RankCar #DriverPointsBack
1D1Dustin Keegan14220
288Dan Roepke Jr.14211
333CKyle Cline136656
42Brian Sorg135864
51Art Ball1272150
637Eric Devanna1266156
725STony Siferd1260162
87Dana Frey1260162
99Curt Inks1246176
1095Keith Sorg1172250
1133Brian Arnold1147275
12OOJohn Ivy1100322
13P51Willie Keegan1087335
148KBKent Brewer1028394
15OAndy Keegan954468
1639Dwight Waltermier873549
1769Jeff Warnick757665
187BShawn Valenti696726
1945Brian Melnek655767
2010Roger Inks460962
2185SBrandon Stuckey448974
225JRJimmy McGrath Jr.4091013
2392Matt Foos3371085
2418WCory Ward2701152
253XBrad Keckler2541168