4.30.06 Results

Jason Meyers claims NST loot at Attica

By Scott Hall: ATTICA, OH – When the National Sprint Tour made their Ohio debut Sunday night at Attica Raceway Park, it was the 11 NST touring stars vs. the strong local Attica contingent. When the dust cleared after 40 laps, it was Jason Myers earning the $10,000 payday in the race sponsored by Kistler Engines. It was race number 10 for the NST this season. Myers flew back to Ohio after running second in a race at Calistoga, California Saturday night to run the event which was slowed ten times by cautions. Ohio drivers dale Blaney and Byron Reed ran second and third.

“Finally we got a win,” Meyers related in victory lane. “My engine builder Charlie Garrett, Hoosier Tires, Maxim chassis and everyone on the crew did a great job tonight. What a blessing to drive for this race team. We’ve had a good year, we just haven’t got to victory lane and we finally got ‘er done.” D.J. Lindsey provided the mechanical knowledge on the Elite Landscaping machine. Meyers ran down early race leader Byron Reed and made his winning pass on lap 25.

By virtue of winning the first Dash, Meyers got lane choice and started on the pole, with Reed alongside, and Paul McMahan and Blaney in row two. Reed took the immediate lead, with Meyers in tow. Just as the leaders were set to enter lapped traffic on lap nine, Tim Shaffer stopped on the track, bringing out a yellow and putting a clear racetrack in front of Reed.

Reed led until lap 25, when Myers put a nice slide job move on the leader exiting turn four to take the lead. Reed began to fade and was fourth on lap 28 when another caution flew. Myers led the next portion of the race with Solwold in second. Solwold was poised to make a pass in heavy lapped traffic on lap 37 when Solwold ran into 17th place Brian Paulus and the pair spun. This was the 10th caution of the event, so a red was thrown for a fuel stop. The running order for the final three lap dash to the finish was now Myers, Blaney, Reed, McMahan, Kinser, all the way back from starting last on a lap one restart and Shane Stewart, who started eighth. Greg Wilson, who started 20th, was up to seventh. Kaeding, who was running fifth, also hit a lapped car at this point and slowed, ending up 11th for the restart. Myers motored away for the victory over Blaney and Reed. Kinser came back for fourth and McMahan ended up fifth.

“We were really good all night,” runnerup Blaney stated. “We weren’t real, real good in the feature, we just hung around all night. We just held our own.” He drove George Fisher’s red No. 2.

Reed ended up third after a mid race bobble. “For some reason in the middle of the race it got to where I couldn’t run the curb anymore, so I had about two bad laps and then gathered myself back in and got it straightened out. You can’t make any mistakes when running with these guys.”

The event was run on Sunday evening after rains washed out Friday’s originally scheduled date.

In the limited late model feature, Bellevue’s Mike Bores and Gibsonburg’s Bill Hahn swapped paint the last three laps, with Bores edging out the veteran for his first win of the season.

“Bill’s a great driver…I hated getting into him like that, but I really wanted to get this win,” said Bores beside his S&S Auto Parts sponsored #15b.

National Sprint Tour

Time Trials: 1. Tim Kaeding, 12.046; 2. Tim Shaffer, 12.099; 3. Jason Solwold, 12.300; 4. Phil Gressman, 12.325; 5. Shane Stewart, 12.357; 6. Jason Meyers, 12.403; 7. Caleb Griffith, 12.412; 8. Dale Blaney, 12.456; 9. Rob Chaney, 12.497; 10. Brock Mayes, 12.507; 11. Lucas Wolfe, 12.545; 12. Craig Mintz, 12.549; 13. Paul McMahan, 12.564; 14. Byron Reed, 12.567; 15. Lee Jacobs, 12.626; 16. Neil Shepherd, 12.634; 17. Steve Kinser, 12.641; 18. Danny Lasoski, 12.648; 19. Andrew Palker, 12.650; 20. Todd Kane, 12.657; 21. Greg Wilson, 12.673; 22. Chad Blonde, 12.683; 23. Brian Paulus, 12.705; 24. Kevin Huntley, 12.770; 25. Mark Keegan, 12.838; 26. Ben Rutan, 12.844; 27. Bobby Clark, 12.870; 28. Bryan Scott, 12.902; 29. Brandon Martin, 12.911; 30. Jason Sides, 12.913; 31. Jamie Miller, 12.948; 32. Jamie Martin, 12.968; 33. Mike Linder, 12.999; 34. Tim Hunter, 13.051; 35. Jason Dukes, 13.107; 36. Roger Shammo, 13.260; 37. Keith Baxter, 13.463; 38. Joe Cheesman, 13.896.

Heat: Wilson, Kinser, McMahan, Stewart, Kaeding, Keegan, Linder, B. Martin, Baxter, Chaney.

Heat: Lasoski, Blonde, Mayes, Reed, Meyers, Sides, Shaffer, Hunter, Cheesman, Rutan.

Heat: Palker, Paulus, Wolfe, Jacobs, Solwold, Clark, Miller, Dukes, Griffith.

Heat: Kane, Huntley, Shepherd, Blaney, Gressman, Mintz, J. Martin, Scott, Shammo.

Dash: Meyers, McMahan, Mayes, Jacobs, Gressman, Kaeding.

Dash: Reed, Blaney, Solwold, Stewart, Shepherd, Wolfe.

B Main: Shaffer, Keegan, Mintz, B. Martin, Miller, Sides, Dukes, Hunter, Baxter, Shammo, Clark, Griffith, Scott, Linder, J. Martin, Cheesman, Rutan.

A Main (40 laps): Meyers, Blaney, Reed, Kinser, McMahan, Stewart, Wilson, Kane, Lasoski, Keegan, Mayes, Jacobs, Kaeding, Huntley, Martin, Paulus, Solwold, Shepherd, Wolfe, Palker, Mintz, Shaffer, Blonde, Gressman.

Limited Late Models

Budweiser/Griff’s Engines Heat 1: 1. Brandon Perkins (92); 2. Mike Marteney (45); 3. Chuck Hummer (55); 4. Art Ball (01); 5. Chester Fitch (101); 6. Kevin Koerper (8k); 7. Curtis Deisenroth (12m); 8. Jamie Reed (18); 9. Paul Brown Jr. (014); 10. John Bores (48); 11. Jim Gingery (03); 12. Matt Shipley (88)

Tin Lizzy Collision Heat 2: 1. Bill Hahn (27); 2. John Mayes (99m); 3. Larry Kingseed (21); 4. Mike Bores (15b); 5. Tim Sabo (98); 6. Ryan Missler (50); 7. Jeff McCoy (02); 8. Steve Sabo (99); 9. Benny Lester (240); 10. Craig Corfman (77c); 11. Matt Potts (29)

A-Feature (20 laps): 1. Mike Bores; 2. Bill Hahn; 3. Tim Sabo; 4. Ryan Missler; 5. Brandon Perkins; 6. Larry Kingseed; 7. Jeff McCoy; 8. Benny Lester; 9. Jamie Reed; 10. Steve Sabo; 11. Curtis Deisenroth; 12. Paul Brown Jr.; 13. John Bores; 14. John Mayes; 15. Jim Gingery; 16. Art Ball; 17. Chuck Hummer; 18. Matt Potts; 19. Kevin Koerper; 20. Mike Marteney; 21. Craig Corfman; 22. Matt Shipley

NST POINT STANDINGS-Attica Raceway Park 05/28/06

1 Tim Kaeding 768
4 Steve Kinser 757
3 Danny Lasoski 731
2 Jason Meyers 728
5 Tim Shaffer 666
6 Paul McMahan 641
7 Jason Sides 637
8 Jason Solwold 633
9 Shane Stewart 573
10 Brian Paulus 557
11 Lucas Wolfe 470

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