The Brad Doty Classic Comes Home to Attica

(Bill W) November 3, 2015 – The Brad Doty Classic is returning to the track where it all started! Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio will host the 28th edition of the Brad Doty Classic after a ten year run at Limaland Motorsports Park. The change in venues brings the race back to where it all started in 1989 at Attica Raceway Park!

“I am very excited that the Brad Doty Classic is coming back to Attica Raceway Park, but I really appreciate everything that all the staff at Limaland Motorsports Park has done over the years to grow the race into the big event that it has become,” says race co-promoter, Brad Doty. “I will miss working with all of them!

Unfortunately, many circumstances and situations have led everyone involved to agree…and it was a team decision…to move the Brad Doty Classic back Attica. Situations like the rainout of the event in 2015, Eldora Speedway announcing they added a Thursday night race before the Kings Royal in 2016, which affected the rain date at Limaland, as well as the fact that event has grown so big that there is no more room to park cars and campers at Limaland, are just a few of the reasons that led to this decision

“I look forward to working with John Bores, Rex LeJeune and everyone at Attica Raceway Park and I’m excited to be bringing the Brad Doty Classic back home,” states Brad.

Dr. Jarvis of Limaland Motorsports Park adds, “Brad Doty is a great partner and friend of ours, and this year’s rainout upset me especially for Brad. The fact is that the Brad Doty Classic has outgrown our facility at Limaland Motorsports Park. By moving the Brad Doty Classic to Attica Raceway Park, you have more seating, more parking and camping spaces and less of a possibility of a rainout on the fairgrounds. All of these things along with Eldora’s announcement make it an easy decision to move the race to Attica. The last ten years of the Brad Doty Classic at Limaland Motorsports Park have been fantastic and have helped put Limaland Motorsports Park on the map. But bottom line, I believe this move is in the best interest of everyone involved and will allow the Brad Doty Classic to continue to become an even bigger event”

“We are thrilled with the return of the Brad Doty Classic to Attica,” stated Promoter John Bores.

“It has become one of the premier events in the country and we look forward to working with Brad. We thank everyone at Limaland for helping make this possible,” added Attica Director of Operations, Rex LeJeune.

The 2016 Ohio Logistics Brad Doty Classic presented by Racing Optics will be held Tuesday, July 12 with a rain date set for Wednesday, July 13. The race will again be sanctioned by the World of Outlaws. Reserved seating and more information will be released soon! You can follow Brad Doty on twitter @braddotyl 8 and Attica Raceway Park @atticaracewyprk. You can also follow Attica Raceway Park on facebook, and at

Brad Doty Classic Winners

1989 – Steve Kinser
1990 – Jack Hewitt
1991 – Bobby Allen
1992 – Rained Out
1993 – Mark Keegan
1994 – Danny Smith
1995 – Randy Kinser
1996 – Dale Blaney
1997 – Tyler Walker
1998 – Jeff Shepard
1999 – Butch Schroeder
2000 – Kelly Kinser
2001 – Danny Smith (2)
2002 – Alvin Roepke
2003 – Dean Jacobs
2004 – Greg Wilson
2005 – Stevie Smith
2006 – Joey Saldana
2007 – Jac Haudenschild
2008 – Jason Meyers
2009 – Steve Kinser (2)
2010 – Dale Blaney (2)
2011 – Donny Schatz
2012 – Kerry Madsen

2013 – Donny Schatz (2)

2014 – Paul McMahan

2015 – Rain

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